Product Work Table

This is a table built specifically to work as as staging piece for large print material. Measuring 48 x 78 inch for the pine top, it’s pretty big. A shipped package of the large prints will get staged on the lower shelf, individual prints will get pulled out from the shelf and lay on the top where they will get rolled up into tubes for storage and eventually shipping. Considering the size of the prints the span of the table is pretty long. I used a torsion style box for the shelf and basically brought the span together with some exposed hardware between the legs and shelf. The shelf has a larger back panel also bolted to the legs to help any racking over the length. I did this rather than just taking large 4 inch or 2 x 4 inch material and overbuilding a large and heavy piece that would be difficult to move. This piece can be unbolted and broken down to the top, two legs, and the torsion box style shelf for moving. This also allows for the entire underside of the shelf to the floor to be open for boxes to stack and store the shipping tubes, empty or with print material. Baltic Birch plywood was used for everything except the milled up Eastern Pine top. The shelf tops are finished with natural stain and clear water white conversion varnish and the legs and torsion box with black tinted high build lacquer.

Hardwood Shower Deck

Here is a shower deck made from Tiger Wood; Goncalo Alves. This was a challenging build as the shower pan used a linear drain, but in addition of the slope for the drain, there was also a ‘pan’ running it’s length making the surface below anything but flat. There was also limited height in which to support the deck material that was desired to be flush with the tile floor.

In order to achieve this, there were a few rounds of template work and scribes to the floor. I made Baltic Birch plywood supports and deck piece to prove the build theory would work, fine tuned that system to the desired spacing, and then transferred the completed templates to the final hardwood pieces.

You can see the shape of the ‘pan’ in the support pieces, they get thinner over on the wall end of the supports. There is a shallow dado on the underside of the deck pieces to hold the supports and planks in place, a 1/8” rounded over relief between boards for water drain, and a 1/8” gap all around the perimeter of the shower pan. Some 3D printed bumpers supplied by the owner around the edges should keep the deck in the desired location as well as some feet on the bottom of the planks near the wall to gap the final varying distance to the ‘pan’ curve. Wood is unfinished in the images but will probably be maintained with an oil and the open wall of the shower will get glass hung for the enclosure.

Wall Panel System

Worked with the home owner to design some spiffy exposed fastener free wall panels. In a couple living spaces two panels will flank a recessed wall. In a small overhang, on the back side of the panel there is a channel cut to house an LED strip light for indirect dimmable lighting.

These are 3/4 inch walnut panels with a recessed 1/2 baltic birch plywood strip stained black joined to each panel. Dominoes then allow an internal mortise between panels as they were stacked up allowing the baltic strip to act like a cleat, then a small flooring stapler was used to drive the panel into the wall effectively hiding the fasteners giving a clean look on the front.

Finished with clear dry rubbed conversion varnish.

Double Sink Vanity

Blue Root Design’ed and built master bath vanity. Walnut ply and hardwood with open access towel shelf on left end, center drawers stack, and swing door cabinets. Domino construction throughout and clear finished with conversion varnish. 78 inch wide and 18 inch deep

Prototype Bench

Here is a Blue Root Design-ed bench build based off a similar design from last year. A simple entry way bench with two drawers for small item storage. This is made with Baltic Birch plywood, a white laminate, and European Beech top in a nice silvery-grey color. Festool Domino joinery for the bench and drawer boxes (with dado bottoms), and nice Blum soft close under drawer sliders for a clean quality look. This measures 55 inches wide, 16 inches deep, and 19 inches in height.

Cab Caddy

A classic design and build project, this is a ‘cab caddy’ that will get mounted between the two front seats of a vintage truck, a time before cup holders! Made with blatic brich plywood and Festool Domino joinery, it had a flip open door on the top, down light LED lights, and a fuse panel if future power is desired for USB ports or maybe and inverter in the cab. Check out the gallery for design, build, and final images.

New Webstie


A new webstie to showcase the work the work of Blue Root Design and it’s offerings.

Blog posts will cover futrue projects and include design content, build photos, and finished projects.

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